Ocean’s Eleven is one of the earliest heist movie I watched and it was decent enough even though I don’t remember that much about the movie. I watched the other Ocean’s movies twelve and thirteen but I don’t like them very much. It’s just the same old stuff. So when they announced they will do another Ocean’s movie but this time will all-female cast, it did intrigue me.

However, after watching the last such reboot which is, I bet you can guess it, Ghosbuster, I set my expectation accordingly. The movie focuses on Debble Ocean (Sandra Bullock) which a younger sister of Danny Ocean who apparently dead, which probably due to George Clooney doesn’t want to do the fourth movie. As it turned out stealing run in the family, she also kind of mastermind in heist and she planning to rob a $150 million necklace.

To conduct the heist, she asked for the help of Lou (Cate Blanchett), Amita (Mindy Kaling), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Constance (Awkwafina), Nine Ball (Rihanna) and Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter). BUUUT, this is called Ocean’s 8 and not Ocean’ 7, well from the trailer and poster, I bet you can guess who is the eighth however I will not tell you here so I didn’t spoil it for you.

The early part of the film, it focuses more on getting the gang together as you would expect and for me, it was done in not so great way. Honestly, it was boring. Most of the time I just muttering to myself, “sure, sure, oh of course” with not much of excitement. This isn’t really due to casting problem or what but just writing, dialogue does not really work for me.

After that early part though, then everything becomes more interesting as they planning for the heist and you start to learn to motive of the heist so on and so forth. However, it was not last long as the heist itself was rather too simple without much hassle which left me wondering “that’s it?” Sure it does help plot twist here and there but nothing makes it beyond just another heist movie.

Last year I watched two heist movie, Baby Driver and Bad Genius. Both in my top 5 movies of 2017. Ocean’s 8 is nothing compared to those two. In overall though, the movie still enjoyable to watch. Not a brilliant comedy movie but it still makes me laugh and I still enjoy my time watching it, the cast was great. EVERYONE JUST BEAUTIFUL, if I may say so. One other good thing that I could say about this movie is that they manage to make it more feminine which I believe what they try to achieve by going with all-female casts.

If they do plan to make a sequel, I just wish the write a better plot especially heist part to make it more intense. Since all character already got their introduction, the second movie should skip all those boring part and just fill it with a more intense scene or drama because this movie sure lack one.


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