I Kill Giants is a film released in 2017, directed by Anders Walter and screenplay by Joe Kelly. It was based on a comic or graphic novel of the same name by Kelly and Ken Niimura. I read the comic before I watch the film and I enjoy it very much. So, in a way, it could very much affect my enjoyment level for this film. Especially, the story is a bit weird or rather special.

The premise was simple enough, it about Barbara, a troubled student which have a problem socialising with people either kids of the same age or teaches or her family. During free time, she also a giant killer. Simple right? Maybe not so much. If you read the comic, going to the movie will make it much easier to follow the plot and pacing would be nice. However, if you didn’t, I’m pretty much can guarantee that it will bother you a bit.

The story is a bit of a mess, it will cause some confusion and to some maybe will hinder you from enjoying the film. I don’t blame you because that how the story is. In a simple sense, I could say the story will split into two directions and it can be either way or in fact both. It up to your imagination or understanding and that what makes the story special.

The pacing of this film might be an issue for some, it is slow and it works well in comic version but maybe not so much in a film. It only bearable for me, because I already know what is what and to those who went to this film blindly might find it too slow. I agreed. However, if you could ignore the pacing, I’m sure you will enjoy the overall or the story that the film trying to tell. So, my advice would be, bear with it and keep watching till the end.

If you read the comic or finish watching the film, you will notice that it tried to tell something very important and I think the movie convey it well, not perfect but enough. There is some part toward the end that they change a bit compared to the book and as a result, remove some of the ‘punch’.

One thing that I could say with certainty that is positive, is the acting. There are only a few important characters, which are Barbara (Madison Wolfe) as our main character, Sophia (Sydney Wade) which Barbara’s sort of friend, Taylor (Rory Jackson) the bully, Karen (Imogen Poots) Barbara’s sister and Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana) as a teacher/psychiatrist.

The way they portray their own character just amazing and I enjoy it very very much. The relationship between the characters which of course Barbara as the centre was very well delivered and make the film much more effective in telling how difficult their relationship was.

The film also beautiful, it was shot with the environment in mind creating this soothing feeling but at the same time making you engaged with the character. The place and scenery just breathtaking because the location was simply perfect for the mood of this film. However, since this movie is also about giant, there will be giants, and I kinda dislike it. Not so much that I would make me enjoy the film less but I think it could be done better.

If I’m not mistaken there are three songs played in the film as background music and it was a perfect fit for the environment and mood of this film. The voice for giants and some other creatures, also done okay.

In overall, I certainly enjoy the film but maybe because I like the comic. The story was very well told, even though with some bit of pacing issue which I employ you to bear with it because the film tries to tell something important. The acting was perfect and the film was beautiful.


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