First, let be clear about my credential. I know nothing about Venom. I didn’t read any comic book that have Venom in it. First time I heard about it, is on Spider-man 3 and it wasn’t really that good. So I going into this film with pretty much low expectation, especially when almost all reviewed basically tear it apart. Despite the review, I still think it couldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong it is that bad.

Despite having the brilliant Tom Hardy, his performance in The Revenant, Mad Max, a bit in Dunkirk just show how good he is, still couldn’t save this film. His acting was good, but he as Eddie Brock just not compatible. Not sure if the fault of the writer or his. However, I feel his character just weirdly written.

If that not enough, his relationship with his soon to be wife-but because some silly thing they broke up-girlfriend, Anne Weying which played by Michelle Williams is probably one of the worst relationship arc in a movie. Probably that a bit overboard but their relationship just silly and messy. The only saving grace is her character done decently and in fact her character is better than Eddie Brock.

Know what else is silly and messy? Let’s talk about the main star, also part of Tom Hardy character which is Venom. As I mentioned early in the post, I know nothing about Venom. I couldn’t say that this how Venom should behave or act. However, I do believe Venom in this movie is nothing like what was portrayed in comic book. I expect Venom to be this scary, dark (literally as well) creature in this movie though, VENOM IS GIVING RELATIONSHIP ADVISE.

For whole movie, they tried to be fun, humorous and lite. In the end, I felt like the movie is nothing but a bootleg version of MCU movie. Some of the joke will make you laugh, some however, will make you cringe and the rest just fall flat. I understand the need to be “approachable or acceptable” by masses, but the way they do it just kill what make Venom special, at least for me. Since, I have very specific characteristic for Venom, and they couldn’t make any more different in this movie.

The story also quite a mess, it all about trying to control the world, save the world kinda stuff. For most part you just feel lost or uninterested in whole thing. Many part where you just ask “really? how? why?”. Even when they do a “big reveal” for post credit scene, you just exhausted and tired of the film and you don’t really care anymore.

Only good thing I could say is it has pretty decent action sequence. If you like action movie, you would enjoy it too. Unfortunately, it was not good enough to save from the mess of character and story telling. I guess, to close this review, I would say it still an enjoyable movie but you will not miss anything if you decide to skip it. Such a waste of potential for this brand, if I being perfectly honest. Not as bad as Spider-man 3’s Venom though.


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