I pretty much keeping up with the latest story of My Hero Academia both anime and manga. Even though usually I wouldn’t care much about movie of the anime, this time, not to undermine the movie, I don’t have much choice of movie to watch, so I went to watch it.

Surprisingly, I love it. Throughout the movie, I still feel the essence of anime version of the My Hero Academia in this movie despite not having a same writer as original. Since they also targeted movie goers who never knew or watch or read about My Hero Academia, they also provide some backstory which I think was done pretty well. Not too much, so that those who already know feel bored, also not too little, leave those who don’t know clueless of what going on.

The story begins, when All Might bring Deku together to visit his old friend in “I-Island”. The place is specialize in developing technology to be use by heroes throughout the world. All Might’s friend is David Shield, a scientist which basically responsible in designing all All Might’s costume. David Shield also have a daughter Melissa Shield which play very important part in this movie as well as other heroes from UA’s Class A.

The conflict of the story begin when bunch of terrorist taking over security system of the I-Island and threatening to kill everyone if any of the heroes decide to make a move. Deku together with Melissa and UA’s Class A working together to release the security system from terrorist control. However, the story is not as simple just ‘save the day’, kinda thing. It also involved the relationship between All Might and David Shield. David Shield really looking up to All Might and afraid that someday world might lose him. This relationship really done well and it could very much show how the world see All Might.

The story also touch on Melissa Shield, which like his father also quirkless(have no power). However, she decide to use her talent in helping heroes just like his father did. The relationship between Melissa with Deku and his friend was also done brilliantly. You would love Melissa character instantly and she fit right into the group well despite pretty much a new character.

For me, the story of this movie is good and strong enough for it to matter, and to be together with all the story from anime and manga. Other than the story, all other part like voice actor, music and graphic is pretty much what you would expect from My Hero Academia anime. It might do a way with some lazy drawing like normally happen in anime, but not too much to make it affecting your experience. In simplest word, it was an awesome anime experience.

I especially, love the fight sequence in this movie. It might be repetitive in term of villain because they use some droid which look the same, but able to see all students as well as All Might using their power just give me goosebumps. Even more toward the end of the movie, the went all out with the action and I literally at the end of my seat watching it. At the same time due to some thing that happening story wise, give you this mix emotion. Proud, sad and all other emotion you could think of. They blend the action, and story well which make it more satisfying.

It might not be the best anime movie of all time, but I enjoy watching it and if you have chance to do so, I strongly suggest you to g, even if you don’t know much about My Hero Academia.


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