I have few movies review pending in my draft, however I think I would like to speak first about UMNO x PPBM. Recently, especially this last few days, we could see some news regarding UMNO members quitting the party and join PPBM.

I was disappointed, at the ex-UMNO as well as PPBM for accepting them. Tun Mahathir response simply was “I was an ex-UMNO too and we only accept good people”. Well, I have problem with that statement.

Before I go further, let me first make thing clear. I’m not in anyway knowledgeable in politic, I’m not political science people, I have no knowledge the inside out of UMNO and PPBM. However, this is my opinion based on what I observe. The opinion is mine, and mine alone.

First reason why I have problem with Tun Mahathir statement was, even though he his an ex-UMNO, he quit the party before General Election. He fight together with the people to bring down UMNO. What those newly minted ex-UMNO did? NOTHING.

In fighting this ‘war’, some people arrested, beaten, shamed, so on and so forth. What they did about that? NOTHING.

Some people risk everything by speaking the truth, going in and out of jail for fighting the people fight. What they did about that? NOTHING.

When the people cry for help to fight corrupt government, not only they are not on the people side, they fight against them. Now, they suddenly on the people side? FUCK OFF.

Second, when talk about “Good People” in UMNO. Sure not all are corrupt, but by doing nothing, it very much telling, especially when other people experience bad thing because they dare to speak up. Good people who do nothing, for me, as bad as those who doing the bad things.

Every single UMNO member who stick with UMNO, despite pouring information of Najib’s corruption, even though they themselves didn’t take any bribe (doubtful), for me is a complicit. I don’t care if they are truly clueless.

I understand the notion of “the benefit of the doubt” or husnuzon, however you must at least have an effort to remove all the doubt. If they truly believe Najib is not guilty, so why they quitting UMNO now?

Second chance? Yes, I do believe in second chance, no one should be punished for their sin forever. However, this isn’t the correct way of asking second chance from the people.

For me, the second chance that they deserve is through the opposition channel. They should, first, admit their mistake. First step of solving any problem, is to admit there is one. By quitting UMNO, they are not trying to fix the problem but run away from shit of their own doing.

What they should do as UMNO is simple. “We made mistakes, we let the evil run the country, now we will become a better party even though as an opposition”. Unfortunately, their ego is too big. One side, still live in limbo, “I did no wrong” other side, washing their hand clean and just blame everything to Najib and jumping ship. Both are bullshit.

No government is perfect, if you haven’t notice, people pretty mad about current MALAYSIA BAHARU performance. To have good government, we should have good opposition. Not opposition that using race and/or religion as bait, but proper opposition which fight for cleaner and better governance.

If everyone start jumping ship, how can I expect that what happen before, didn’t happen again? Before this we were lucky because PKR, DAP and even PAS keep fighting UMNO, even defeat after defeat. Now, if we don’t have that, how would we keep the government straight?

For me, the act of jumping ship is coward and selfish. I don’t care if they are good people. I just can’t trust them and now I can’t trust the party that accepting them like a desperate widow. Instead of serving the people, they saving their own asses.

 photo by Takaki Kashiwabara

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