First of all, I am muslim. I have strong belief in the religion, and I would live my life to the best of the faith. Hope that clear it out.

To the matter of this article, I wasn’t raised religiously, however my late father do bribe us with stuff as long as we taking care of our daily prayer and that help me even today in taking care of it. 

As I grow up, I become less and less religious. I would say lesser than I was when I’m a bit younger. Before you take this as me becoming ‘woke’ or liberal or something, I’m not. As a matter of fact, I still wish I am more religious than I am now. 

I still take a careful step in anything that have boundary in Islam. I will do my best in following it. However, as I grow older, more I keep it to myself and more I take a step back from forcing anyone to follow what I belief in. 

Hypothetically, if let say a person, whatever race or religion, come to ask me about what I think about gay relationship. I would say in my belief, in my religion I said it is haram, forbidden.

Then, if that person said to me, “I will marry my partner which is same sex as me soon” I would simply said, “Congratulation, I hope you will have a great wedding”. I would probably come if invited or not, I’m not really ‘wedding goer’ to be honest.

If that somehow make sense, that I guess my level of ‘religiousness’. 

I strongly believe that we have to act and be human first before religious. Struggle of following our faith should be our struggle alone, we shouldn’t bring other to that struggle especially when they decide not to.

Saying that reminding other people is basis of our religious, is easy way out. Like many other thing, it has a right way and wrong way to do it. 

I wrote this article for myself, in this terrible time of extremism. To remind myself that evil people are those who do harm to others and not so much of those who have different belief than us.

If that make me a bad muslim, I guess I am.

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