July 2017, I decide to take a break from Facebook. The planned was for all social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your usual suspect, but I think Facebook is probably the one I take a break the most. If you went to my Facebook, the post where I explaining my decision is still there, and I think if you not a friend, that the only post you could see.

At first the idea is I stop posting on any of them but will not delete the account since I still want to browsing through and communicate with my friends. I start to active on Twitter again after a while, but really stop posting on Facebook and Instagram. Then, I went a step further on Facebook, I start to unfollow (still friend) all personal account. So my home feed only showing posting from page which mostly news outlet, and never miss it since.

Now, I only using Facebook just for work related matter.

Recently, I start to doing the same thing with Twitter. I’m no longer reading tweets, and only viewing the list which, again, only consists of news outlet account. After a week or so trying it, I think I will not be reading my home feed anytime soon. I wish Twitter mobile app allow me to make a list as default home.

The reason behind it, is similar to why I’m doing it on Facebook, it influencing myself too much, at least more that I think it should be.

I pretty sure that I’m not alone feel that social media affecting our mood too much and too quick. It is quite common for me been from feeling fine to feeling angry in an instance after reading a post on Facebook or a tweet from someone. I believe that no one or nothing should have that much power over me.

I always believe that social media is just like everyone in a big room, where everyone is saying something all the time, and you can’t really control what being said or how it will affecting you. So I rather to get out from the room, and just set up my own room where I can decide what to listen and what not to.

Avoiding of doing same thing, I also decided to only post my opinion if it was written here in my blog or something I wrote at Aksiz. Main reason for it, people can decide to read or not, unlike Twitter or Facebook sometime it just appear out of nowhere and an opinion could really change your mood if it about something you really care about.

This is not me quitting social media or something, but rather it is me deciding to be not too dependent on it. I still do shitpost though.

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