To be perfectly honest, I never heard about Shazam, first time I hear about the character when the leaked photo of Zachery in Shazam costume appear on internet. At that time, I think the costume just look silly but when they release first trailer, I become more invested in the movie.

Last Friday, I have the opportunity to watch it early, for some reason, our cinema able to provide early screening before the official release date which is 4 April. In conclusion the movie is good, so that is my review, Thank You.

Okay, no, but yeah movie is good. It is an origin movie, it has to be because I believe I’m not the only who know almost nothing about this weird character.

Here the kicker about this movie, it not only has one origin story but two because the origin of Shazam, and the origin of bad guy, which is Doctor Sivana played by Mark Strong is kinda intertwine and one can’t exist without the other. A destiny one might say.

Sadly, the origin story is the weakest part of the movie, the way it been portray or retold just feel rushed and weak. They both have this ‘dark’ back story, but the movie unable to really make it deep and it feel kinda too flat and messy, worse I feel it not really matter.

Due to that, I don’t have a strong connection with neither of the characters and it really bother me throughout the movie. I wish they could go deeper and make the back story a bit more darker so that audience would feel and understand more of their struggle and motivation. It does have really ‘sad’ moment, even that feel kinda awkward and not really give the intended mood.

Fortunately though, that the only bad thing I could say about the the movie. Other tale, like Barry Batson relationship with other siblings, he live with foster parent who have 6 other foster kids was done brilliantly. I just have fun watching all of them especially that one special moment toward the end of the movie. Sequel going to be great, if they don’t mess it up.

Shazam playing with his power, do remember he still a kid, was funny as heck, always got me to laugh, too much provably, even though the comedy feel a bit dry but good enough to make this movie enjoyable. The fighting also done brilliantly, I would say fighting scene in this movie is make much more sense compare to crazy fight in Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman or Justice League.

The pacing was okay, but it feel a bit draggy only because I just couldn’t connect with the Shazam or Sivana as I explained before. Zachary Levi as Shazam, Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Jack Dylan as Freddy just a good casting and other characters was done great as well.

In overall, I do feel Shazam like a fresh air in populated superhero genre, it feel like the movie is try to show why superhero movie is ridiculous, in other word it was the irony of itself. It does bring back Thor Ragnarok vibe and I like it, however like Thor Ragnarok, it was the most fun movie but not the best.


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