Quota system is a lose-lose situation, but still needed

Quota system in education is an old issue, as it become hot issue few months back, however I refrained myself from talking about it especially during Ramadhan, plus I also can’t find time to write about it. However, it is an important issue for me because as you well know I am Bumiputera, Malay some more and even though it not really obvious but my whole life I was ‘helped’ by this system.

Before I went further, let’s take a step back and go through what caused this issue to surface. It all started when our Minister of Education said that government will increase the matriculation’s intake. That is great, but it become an issue when he said that the quota system of 90% for bumiputera and 10% others will remain.

Of course it will not sit well with those ‘others’, and they rightly so, make it worse though, the Minister then went on comparing the quota system with requirement of Mandarin in job market. Which for me fair comparison but a stupid one to use, as it was hardly the same.

So even more objection occurred, both from government side and opposition side. That was the issue, question here, is quota system still needed in this ‘Malaysia Baharu’?

From the title it is pretty obvious what is my answer for that question, however, first let me share my opinion on why this system is a lose-lose system or a no-win one.

For non-bumiputera, it is damn clear why this is a lose situation. It will be harder and more expensive for them to get higher education. Good result, doesn’t guarantee you the place. As long as this remain, they will always feel like the nation treated them unfairly, and some might think that us bumiputera especially Malay be pampered with all the options. Not good for inter-race relation.

For bumiputera, again especially Malay, as long as quota system remain you will never know whatever you get in life is due to your effort or due to the help from this system. I’m myself never really proud of my degree. Even today, I still not sure do I get the place due to my academic performance or just quota system push me through. Plus, this system also encouraging for us, Malay, to think that this nation is OURS. Not good for inter-race relation.

Back to the original question, is it needed? Unfortunately, yes. It all got to do with social hierarchy. Like it or not, hierarchy is inevitable. It could be social status, wealth and especially race, as for this discussion between bumiputera and non-bumiputera. As of 2010, roughly there are 70% bumiputera in peninsular Malaysia, and it could be higher if include Sabah and Sarawak, however since bumiputera is different in borneo and peninsular, I will only focus on peninsular.

As such hierarchy will naturally exist, so if this hierarchy structure are different than other hierarchy for example wealth, it will create unrest, especially among the dominant. I believe, if I’m not mistaken, pardon if I do, this is the main reason why the 13 May tragedy happen and the establishment of New Economic Policy which favoring the Malay.

Same thing will happen when education hierarchy become in balance toward the minority, unrest will happen, and it might be worse than wealth. As such, quota still need to be in place, sure number could be change, and government especially Ministry of Education should get in down to the field and have a discussion how to make it acceptable and not come out with bullshit comparison.

“Quota system been used for long time, why it still hasn’t improve Malay position?”

To be honest, I don’t know the answer, easy thing to say is probably due to failure of previous government to help the Malays better. From now on, government also should seek a new approach, a better one.

“Easy for you to say, you are Malay for goodness sake. So how long do we need to endure this? We are Malaysian too”

I know, and I’m sorry. Yes, we all equally Malaysian, we born and raised here, we all have equal right to get piece of pie from this beloved country. How long will this quote needed, I don’t have exact answer, but what I could say is we are in a path to become better nation.

We have Malay now, willing to vote for DAP, to subdue the corrupt regime, we also have Malay now, admitting that the policy or treating certain race as special is not sustainable. My hope, more and more malay become educated, they will be more willing to open their mind and stop this thinking of Malay own this nation, because we definitely not.

Once that happen, we probably can become a proper Malaysian.

Meantime though, we can’t rush the progress or it will be crumble overnight as it will create a spark that can be use by far-right people to light the fire that will burn all the progress we made thus far.

This however just my opinion with little knowledge on the issue. I definitely can’t said that I know personally the view from other side shoes.

One thing for sure, I trully believe that we are Malaysian and we will equally be, always.

Review – SHAZAM!

To be perfectly honest, I never heard about Shazam, first time I hear about the character when the leaked photo of Zachery in Shazam costume appear on internet. At that time, I think the costume just look silly but when they release first trailer, I become more invested in the movie.

Last Friday, I have the opportunity to watch it early, for some reason, our cinema able to provide early screening before the official release date which is 4 April. In conclusion the movie is good, so that is my review, Thank You.

Okay, no, but yeah movie is good. It is an origin movie, it has to be because I believe I’m not the only who know almost nothing about this weird character.

Here the kicker about this movie, it not only has one origin story but two because the origin of Shazam, and the origin of bad guy, which is Doctor Sivana played by Mark Strong is kinda intertwine and one can’t exist without the other. A destiny one might say.

Sadly, the origin story is the weakest part of the movie, the way it been portray or retold just feel rushed and weak. They both have this ‘dark’ back story, but the movie unable to really make it deep and it feel kinda too flat and messy, worse I feel it not really matter.

Due to that, I don’t have a strong connection with neither of the characters and it really bother me throughout the movie. I wish they could go deeper and make the back story a bit more darker so that audience would feel and understand more of their struggle and motivation. It does have really ‘sad’ moment, even that feel kinda awkward and not really give the intended mood.

Fortunately though, that the only bad thing I could say about the the movie. Other tale, like Barry Batson relationship with other siblings, he live with foster parent who have 6 other foster kids was done brilliantly. I just have fun watching all of them especially that one special moment toward the end of the movie. Sequel going to be great, if they don’t mess it up.

Shazam playing with his power, do remember he still a kid, was funny as heck, always got me to laugh, too much provably, even though the comedy feel a bit dry but good enough to make this movie enjoyable. The fighting also done brilliantly, I would say fighting scene in this movie is make much more sense compare to crazy fight in Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman or Justice League.

The pacing was okay, but it feel a bit draggy only because I just couldn’t connect with the Shazam or Sivana as I explained before. Zachary Levi as Shazam, Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Jack Dylan as Freddy just a good casting and other characters was done great as well.

In overall, I do feel Shazam like a fresh air in populated superhero genre, it feel like the movie is try to show why superhero movie is ridiculous, in other word it was the irony of itself. It does bring back Thor Ragnarok vibe and I like it, however like Thor Ragnarok, it was the most fun movie but not the best.


Social Media

July 2017, I decide to take a break from Facebook. The planned was for all social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your usual suspect, but I think Facebook is probably the one I take a break the most. If you went to my Facebook, the post where I explaining my decision is still there, and I think if you not a friend, that the only post you could see.

At first the idea is I stop posting on any of them but will not delete the account since I still want to browsing through and communicate with my friends. I start to active on Twitter again after a while, but really stop posting on Facebook and Instagram. Then, I went a step further on Facebook, I start to unfollow (still friend) all personal account. So my home feed only showing posting from page which mostly news outlet, and never miss it since.

Now, I only using Facebook just for work related matter.

Recently, I start to doing the same thing with Twitter. I’m no longer reading tweets, and only viewing the list which, again, only consists of news outlet account. After a week or so trying it, I think I will not be reading my home feed anytime soon. I wish Twitter mobile app allow me to make a list as default home.

The reason behind it, is similar to why I’m doing it on Facebook, it influencing myself too much, at least more that I think it should be.

I pretty sure that I’m not alone feel that social media affecting our mood too much and too quick. It is quite common for me been from feeling fine to feeling angry in an instance after reading a post on Facebook or a tweet from someone. I believe that no one or nothing should have that much power over me.

I always believe that social media is just like everyone in a big room, where everyone is saying something all the time, and you can’t really control what being said or how it will affecting you. So I rather to get out from the room, and just set up my own room where I can decide what to listen and what not to.

Avoiding of doing same thing, I also decided to only post my opinion if it was written here in my blog or something I wrote at Aksiz. Main reason for it, people can decide to read or not, unlike Twitter or Facebook sometime it just appear out of nowhere and an opinion could really change your mood if it about something you really care about.

This is not me quitting social media or something, but rather it is me deciding to be not too dependent on it. I still do shitpost though.

Bad Muslim

First of all, I am muslim. I have strong belief in the religion, and I would live my life to the best of the faith. Hope that clear it out.

To the matter of this article, I wasn’t raised religiously, however my late father do bribe us with stuff as long as we taking care of our daily prayer and that help me even today in taking care of it. 

As I grow up, I become less and less religious. I would say lesser than I was when I’m a bit younger. Before you take this as me becoming ‘woke’ or liberal or something, I’m not. As a matter of fact, I still wish I am more religious than I am now. 

I still take a careful step in anything that have boundary in Islam. I will do my best in following it. However, as I grow older, more I keep it to myself and more I take a step back from forcing anyone to follow what I belief in. 

Hypothetically, if let say a person, whatever race or religion, come to ask me about what I think about gay relationship. I would say in my belief, in my religion I said it is haram, forbidden.

Then, if that person said to me, “I will marry my partner which is same sex as me soon” I would simply said, “Congratulation, I hope you will have a great wedding”. I would probably come if invited or not, I’m not really ‘wedding goer’ to be honest.

If that somehow make sense, that I guess my level of ‘religiousness’. 

I strongly believe that we have to act and be human first before religious. Struggle of following our faith should be our struggle alone, we shouldn’t bring other to that struggle especially when they decide not to.

Saying that reminding other people is basis of our religious, is easy way out. Like many other thing, it has a right way and wrong way to do it. 

I wrote this article for myself, in this terrible time of extremism. To remind myself that evil people are those who do harm to others and not so much of those who have different belief than us.

If that make me a bad muslim, I guess I am.

Jumping Ship

I have few movies review pending in my draft, however I think I would like to speak first about UMNO x PPBM. Recently, especially this last few days, we could see some news regarding UMNO members quitting the party and join PPBM.

I was disappointed, at the ex-UMNO as well as PPBM for accepting them. Tun Mahathir response simply was “I was an ex-UMNO too and we only accept good people”. Well, I have problem with that statement.

Before I go further, let me first make thing clear. I’m not in anyway knowledgeable in politic, I’m not political science people, I have no knowledge the inside out of UMNO and PPBM. However, this is my opinion based on what I observe. The opinion is mine, and mine alone.

First reason why I have problem with Tun Mahathir statement was, even though he his an ex-UMNO, he quit the party before General Election. He fight together with the people to bring down UMNO. What those newly minted ex-UMNO did? NOTHING.

In fighting this ‘war’, some people arrested, beaten, shamed, so on and so forth. What they did about that? NOTHING.

Some people risk everything by speaking the truth, going in and out of jail for fighting the people fight. What they did about that? NOTHING.

When the people cry for help to fight corrupt government, not only they are not on the people side, they fight against them. Now, they suddenly on the people side? FUCK OFF.

Second, when talk about “Good People” in UMNO. Sure not all are corrupt, but by doing nothing, it very much telling, especially when other people experience bad thing because they dare to speak up. Good people who do nothing, for me, as bad as those who doing the bad things.

Every single UMNO member who stick with UMNO, despite pouring information of Najib’s corruption, even though they themselves didn’t take any bribe (doubtful), for me is a complicit. I don’t care if they are truly clueless.

I understand the notion of “the benefit of the doubt” or husnuzon, however you must at least have an effort to remove all the doubt. If they truly believe Najib is not guilty, so why they quitting UMNO now?

Second chance? Yes, I do believe in second chance, no one should be punished for their sin forever. However, this isn’t the correct way of asking second chance from the people.

For me, the second chance that they deserve is through the opposition channel. They should, first, admit their mistake. First step of solving any problem, is to admit there is one. By quitting UMNO, they are not trying to fix the problem but run away from shit of their own doing.

What they should do as UMNO is simple. “We made mistakes, we let the evil run the country, now we will become a better party even though as an opposition”. Unfortunately, their ego is too big. One side, still live in limbo, “I did no wrong” other side, washing their hand clean and just blame everything to Najib and jumping ship. Both are bullshit.

No government is perfect, if you haven’t notice, people pretty mad about current MALAYSIA BAHARU performance. To have good government, we should have good opposition. Not opposition that using race and/or religion as bait, but proper opposition which fight for cleaner and better governance.

If everyone start jumping ship, how can I expect that what happen before, didn’t happen again? Before this we were lucky because PKR, DAP and even PAS keep fighting UMNO, even defeat after defeat. Now, if we don’t have that, how would we keep the government straight?

For me, the act of jumping ship is coward and selfish. I don’t care if they are good people. I just can’t trust them and now I can’t trust the party that accepting them like a desperate widow. Instead of serving the people, they saving their own asses.

 photo by Takaki Kashiwabara

Review – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald

Reviewing a movie which a sequel or prequel to some other movies is a bit hard. Some people would love to see the correlation between the two or more movies, or as part of bigger universe. Some, like me, it was not really a priority. This is the case for Fantastic Beasts. Not only it was a sequel to previous movie, it also a part of Harry Potter universe (as a prequel). For me, while watching this kind of movie my priority was, first is the movie itself, second, the movie as a prequel/sequel and third, the movie as part of bigger universe. Therefore, that is how I will review this film. 

Throughout the 2 hours of the movie, I enjoyed it immensely. The story wasn’t brilliantly written per se as it still is a second movie for supposed to be five in total. However, what it gave through this movie, I enjoy it and it was good enough. It continue the story of the first Fantastic Beasts, whereas Grindewald was caught toward the end of the first movie, making a great escape and free to roam once again. Credence Barebone which also a returning character will play a big part in this movie as Grinedewald is looking for him to harness the ‘power’ he got in the first movie. Sent by Albus Dumbledore, Newt Scamender went to Paris in searching for Credence.

After the introduction in the first movie, in this second movie you start to get more background story especially about Grindewald, Credence and Newt. You will start to see the politics of the world and how Grindewald thrive under skewed rhetoric. Much like real world, if I might add. For me the interesting part of this movie is everyone is searching for something, or someone which keep the pace good enough and manage to keep it suspenseful. I also like all the characters, returning or new. The introduction was done well except for Leta Lestrange which for me could be done better and not “in your face” kind of introduction. I also not really agree with how it handle Queenie Goldstein character. I understand her motivation, however it was done kinda rush and I hope it was part of bigger plot. Other than that, not much to complaint for me. 

The acting was great,  the action sequence is magical, literally and for me it was done well. If you look with microscopic view you might find fault but I’m not really have any problem with the production quality of this movie. Everything just look great. I do however, find the ending was a bit letdown, it was great, but I still feel the ending a bit hanging you to dry. Even the first movie finish with much more ‘closure’. After I finish the movie, I really feel like I need to press next so that I will play the next episode, it was not much of ending but an opening for the next movie. It give you more question than answer but I guess that how it work for this kind of movie.

So how does it do in comparison to previous movie? It much better, if you like the first movie, you love this one. In the first movie, I kinda not warming up to Newt as a main character. However in this second movie, I start to like him a bit more, it is more clearer in term of “who he is”. This movie, even though the plot going to other way, but they still managed to keep the sense of “Fantastic Beasts” by introducing new ‘beasts’ or returning and add them into the plot really well.

I guess for third one, I need to address the elephant in the room. J.K. Rowling just play with lore and she might have failed. Before I going to that, in comparison how does this movie compare to other movie in this universe, all Harry Potter movies, I would say it still unable to match any of the Harry Potter movies. Doesn’t mean it was any less fun, but if put side by side, it still lacking even though Fantastic Beasts have more firepower in term of CGI wizardry. 

So the plot hole, or rather the lore hole. Without spoiling too much, there are two main problem with the story. First, the appearance of the young Minerva Mcgonagall or as we all familiar as Professor Mcgonagall which in term of timeline doesn’t make any sense. Based on the books, she wasn’t supposed to be born yet during the event of this movie. For this J.K. Rowling need to explain, however she might not because it may involved a plot for future film. Either way, I’m not really bother that much. It suck the lore is change or something, but I never really care that much to make me enjoy this movie any less. I guess hence the reason why I enjoy the new Star Wars.

Second issue, this one is kinda hard to explain without spoiling it. So I would say that, once it revealed who Credence actually was, it also make no sense if you know the history of that family. However, compare to Mcgonagall, this one is easier to accept. It might very well not the one who you think or even not the actual truth. For this case, I don’t think J.K. Rowling will explain it, because I believe it will involved plot point for future film. Again, even if it doesn’t, it still doesn’t bother me much. It might for you but not me though.

In overall, this movie is just a second out of five so it will not give you much of conclusion as much it would give you questions. I wish it was handled better but it does make me excited for next one. The whole movie was fun, they managed to use the “Fantastic Beasts” well even though the plot going into other direction. Everything look awesome, the spell, the effect, the environment, the building so on and so forth. I would definitely encourage you to watch it and you may enjoy a bit more if you not really deep into the Harry Potter lore.


My Thoughts On My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

I pretty much keeping up with the latest story of My Hero Academia both anime and manga. Even though usually I wouldn’t care much about movie of the anime, this time, not to undermine the movie, I don’t have much choice of movie to watch, so I went to watch it.

Surprisingly, I love it. Throughout the movie, I still feel the essence of anime version of the My Hero Academia in this movie despite not having a same writer as original. Since they also targeted movie goers who never knew or watch or read about My Hero Academia, they also provide some backstory which I think was done pretty well. Not too much, so that those who already know feel bored, also not too little, leave those who don’t know clueless of what going on.

The story begins, when All Might bring Deku together to visit his old friend in “I-Island”. The place is specialize in developing technology to be use by heroes throughout the world. All Might’s friend is David Shield, a scientist which basically responsible in designing all All Might’s costume. David Shield also have a daughter Melissa Shield which play very important part in this movie as well as other heroes from UA’s Class A.

The conflict of the story begin when bunch of terrorist taking over security system of the I-Island and threatening to kill everyone if any of the heroes decide to make a move. Deku together with Melissa and UA’s Class A working together to release the security system from terrorist control. However, the story is not as simple just ‘save the day’, kinda thing. It also involved the relationship between All Might and David Shield. David Shield really looking up to All Might and afraid that someday world might lose him. This relationship really done well and it could very much show how the world see All Might.

The story also touch on Melissa Shield, which like his father also quirkless(have no power). However, she decide to use her talent in helping heroes just like his father did. The relationship between Melissa with Deku and his friend was also done brilliantly. You would love Melissa character instantly and she fit right into the group well despite pretty much a new character.

For me, the story of this movie is good and strong enough for it to matter, and to be together with all the story from anime and manga. Other than the story, all other part like voice actor, music and graphic is pretty much what you would expect from My Hero Academia anime. It might do a way with some lazy drawing like normally happen in anime, but not too much to make it affecting your experience. In simplest word, it was an awesome anime experience.

I especially, love the fight sequence in this movie. It might be repetitive in term of villain because they use some droid which look the same, but able to see all students as well as All Might using their power just give me goosebumps. Even more toward the end of the movie, the went all out with the action and I literally at the end of my seat watching it. At the same time due to some thing that happening story wise, give you this mix emotion. Proud, sad and all other emotion you could think of. They blend the action, and story well which make it more satisfying.

It might not be the best anime movie of all time, but I enjoy watching it and if you have chance to do so, I strongly suggest you to g, even if you don’t know much about My Hero Academia.


My Thoughts on Venom

First, let be clear about my credential. I know nothing about Venom. I didn’t read any comic book that have Venom in it. First time I heard about it, is on Spider-man 3 and it wasn’t really that good. So I going into this film with pretty much low expectation, especially when almost all reviewed basically tear it apart. Despite the review, I still think it couldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong it is that bad.

Despite having the brilliant Tom Hardy, his performance in The Revenant, Mad Max, a bit in Dunkirk just show how good he is, still couldn’t save this film. His acting was good, but he as Eddie Brock just not compatible. Not sure if the fault of the writer or his. However, I feel his character just weirdly written.

If that not enough, his relationship with his soon to be wife-but because some silly thing they broke up-girlfriend, Anne Weying which played by Michelle Williams is probably one of the worst relationship arc in a movie. Probably that a bit overboard but their relationship just silly and messy. The only saving grace is her character done decently and in fact her character is better than Eddie Brock.

Know what else is silly and messy? Let’s talk about the main star, also part of Tom Hardy character which is Venom. As I mentioned early in the post, I know nothing about Venom. I couldn’t say that this how Venom should behave or act. However, I do believe Venom in this movie is nothing like what was portrayed in comic book. I expect Venom to be this scary, dark (literally as well) creature in this movie though, VENOM IS GIVING RELATIONSHIP ADVISE.

For whole movie, they tried to be fun, humorous and lite. In the end, I felt like the movie is nothing but a bootleg version of MCU movie. Some of the joke will make you laugh, some however, will make you cringe and the rest just fall flat. I understand the need to be “approachable or acceptable” by masses, but the way they do it just kill what make Venom special, at least for me. Since, I have very specific characteristic for Venom, and they couldn’t make any more different in this movie.

The story also quite a mess, it all about trying to control the world, save the world kinda stuff. For most part you just feel lost or uninterested in whole thing. Many part where you just ask “really? how? why?”. Even when they do a “big reveal” for post credit scene, you just exhausted and tired of the film and you don’t really care anymore.

Only good thing I could say is it has pretty decent action sequence. If you like action movie, you would enjoy it too. Unfortunately, it was not good enough to save from the mess of character and story telling. I guess, to close this review, I would say it still an enjoyable movie but you will not miss anything if you decide to skip it. Such a waste of potential for this brand, if I being perfectly honest. Not as bad as Spider-man 3’s Venom though.


My Thoughts on I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants is a film released in 2017, directed by Anders Walter and screenplay by Joe Kelly. It was based on a comic or graphic novel of the same name by Kelly and Ken Niimura. I read the comic before I watch the film and I enjoy it very much. So, in a way, it could very much affect my enjoyment level for this film. Especially, the story is a bit weird or rather special.

The premise was simple enough, it about Barbara, a troubled student which have a problem socialising with people either kids of the same age or teaches or her family. During free time, she also a giant killer. Simple right? Maybe not so much. If you read the comic, going to the movie will make it much easier to follow the plot and pacing would be nice. However, if you didn’t, I’m pretty much can guarantee that it will bother you a bit.

The story is a bit of a mess, it will cause some confusion and to some maybe will hinder you from enjoying the film. I don’t blame you because that how the story is. In a simple sense, I could say the story will split into two directions and it can be either way or in fact both. It up to your imagination or understanding and that what makes the story special.

The pacing of this film might be an issue for some, it is slow and it works well in comic version but maybe not so much in a film. It only bearable for me, because I already know what is what and to those who went to this film blindly might find it too slow. I agreed. However, if you could ignore the pacing, I’m sure you will enjoy the overall or the story that the film trying to tell. So, my advice would be, bear with it and keep watching till the end.

If you read the comic or finish watching the film, you will notice that it tried to tell something very important and I think the movie convey it well, not perfect but enough. There is some part toward the end that they change a bit compared to the book and as a result, remove some of the ‘punch’.

One thing that I could say with certainty that is positive, is the acting. There are only a few important characters, which are Barbara (Madison Wolfe) as our main character, Sophia (Sydney Wade) which Barbara’s sort of friend, Taylor (Rory Jackson) the bully, Karen (Imogen Poots) Barbara’s sister and Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana) as a teacher/psychiatrist.

The way they portray their own character just amazing and I enjoy it very very much. The relationship between the characters which of course Barbara as the centre was very well delivered and make the film much more effective in telling how difficult their relationship was.

The film also beautiful, it was shot with the environment in mind creating this soothing feeling but at the same time making you engaged with the character. The place and scenery just breathtaking because the location was simply perfect for the mood of this film. However, since this movie is also about giant, there will be giants, and I kinda dislike it. Not so much that I would make me enjoy the film less but I think it could be done better.

If I’m not mistaken there are three songs played in the film as background music and it was a perfect fit for the environment and mood of this film. The voice for giants and some other creatures, also done okay.

In overall, I certainly enjoy the film but maybe because I like the comic. The story was very well told, even though with some bit of pacing issue which I employ you to bear with it because the film tries to tell something important. The acting was perfect and the film was beautiful.


My Thoughts On Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s Eleven is one of the earliest heist movie I watched and it was decent enough even though I don’t remember that much about the movie. I watched the other Ocean’s movies twelve and thirteen but I don’t like them very much. It’s just the same old stuff. So when they announced they will do another Ocean’s movie but this time will all-female cast, it did intrigue me.

However, after watching the last such reboot which is, I bet you can guess it, Ghosbuster, I set my expectation accordingly. The movie focuses on Debble Ocean (Sandra Bullock) which a younger sister of Danny Ocean who apparently dead, which probably due to George Clooney doesn’t want to do the fourth movie. As it turned out stealing run in the family, she also kind of mastermind in heist and she planning to rob a $150 million necklace.

To conduct the heist, she asked for the help of Lou (Cate Blanchett), Amita (Mindy Kaling), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Constance (Awkwafina), Nine Ball (Rihanna) and Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter). BUUUT, this is called Ocean’s 8 and not Ocean’ 7, well from the trailer and poster, I bet you can guess who is the eighth however I will not tell you here so I didn’t spoil it for you.

The early part of the film, it focuses more on getting the gang together as you would expect and for me, it was done in not so great way. Honestly, it was boring. Most of the time I just muttering to myself, “sure, sure, oh of course” with not much of excitement. This isn’t really due to casting problem or what but just writing, dialogue does not really work for me.

After that early part though, then everything becomes more interesting as they planning for the heist and you start to learn to motive of the heist so on and so forth. However, it was not last long as the heist itself was rather too simple without much hassle which left me wondering “that’s it?” Sure it does help plot twist here and there but nothing makes it beyond just another heist movie.

Last year I watched two heist movie, Baby Driver and Bad Genius. Both in my top 5 movies of 2017. Ocean’s 8 is nothing compared to those two. In overall though, the movie still enjoyable to watch. Not a brilliant comedy movie but it still makes me laugh and I still enjoy my time watching it, the cast was great. EVERYONE JUST BEAUTIFUL, if I may say so. One other good thing that I could say about this movie is that they manage to make it more feminine which I believe what they try to achieve by going with all-female casts.

If they do plan to make a sequel, I just wish the write a better plot especially heist part to make it more intense. Since all character already got their introduction, the second movie should skip all those boring part and just fill it with a more intense scene or drama because this movie sure lack one.